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An organization's ability to LEARN,

and translate that learning into ACTION rapidly

is the ultimate Competitive Advantage.

Jack Welch

Over 40% of today’s great leaders have retired or will retire in the next 5-7 years. Developing leaders and stafff now is the best way to prepare for this shift. intRAtrain interactive, blended learning courses are designed for employees who want to grow professionally to be great!

Ninety-two percent (92%) of stand-alone training programs deliver less than a 1:1 return on investment. Blended learning – done effectively – significantly enhances your training ROI. intRAtrain™ Blended Learning is a proven six-phase performance system that brings novice or experienced learners to performance mastery faster and with greater motivation than traditional “training programs".

Ultimately, training should enhance knowledge and change behaviors. Every learner deserves a method that suits his/her innate learning preference. In training, we recognize the diversity or our workforce and address appropriate need and learning preferences. This system, tailored to the specific needs of your company, adheres to the principles and traditions of hard work, integrity and commitment.

intRAtrain™ Blended learning is here to ensure your training investment achieves maximum, measurable results! 

What is intRAtrain Blended Learning?

intRAtrain™ Blended Learning is a proven performance system that brings novice or experienced learners to performance mastery faster and with greater motivation than traditional “training". intRAtrain Blended Learning Solutions is a highly effective and efficient system for training on many subjects including leadership and customer service.

intRAtrain is excited to 2 separate, yet exciting platforms.

Live Workshop Option OR Virtual Instructor Led Option

Both options include a complete blended learning solution that includes:

·  Pre- and Post- Session Assessments

·  Performance Contracting

·  eLearning

·  Workshop Session(s)- Live or Virtual

·  Reinforcement / Application Opportunities

·  Supervisor / Manager Involvement Opportunities

·  Access to facilitator/coach via email 

Choose Your Session:

Live Session Features:

  • Comprehensive curriculum in 1 session, with weekly follow-up

  • In Person Instructor and Facilitator

  • Real time, face-to-face group interaction

  • Peer in-person networking

  • Weekly Post-Session Communication

  • Lunch and break service included

Virtual Workshop Features:

  • Continuous learning, via small learning segments

  • Live Instructor delivers course virtually

  • Group Interaction during weekly class sessions

  • Virtual Networking

  • Weekly activities and reinforcement tasks

  • Learn from your desk without need for travel

What courses are available?

Live courses sessions will be held in the Le Sueur / Mankato, MN area.

Achieve Results Through Leadership

Session Date: September 18

Great leadership is often called an “art” because it appears effortless and natural. Great leaders who “inspire and create passion in others to accomplish critical objectives” simply tap into the emotional side of the people equation to bring out the best in their constituents. The great leader can enable others when appropriate; make tough decisions when appropriate, and create a compelling direction that brings clarity, sparks innovation and creativity, and sees solutions when others see problems. The good news is that these skills can be learned and applied immediately to enhance results. 

Sell Through Needs and Relationships

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Today, business is driven by one simple truth: a positive long-term client/ customer relationship will lead directly to consistent revenue and earnings growth. But, this only works if there is mutual trust, a natural fit for the products and services to fill a client need, and a system to maintain the trust. This course develops the behaviors and skills to successfully work through a relationship-based sales process by building positive and sustainable buyer relationships over time. Participants will master sales communication, the sales process, determining customer needs, and interpreting the customer’s verbal, vocal, and visual cues. The participant’s improved sales and relationship skills will result in a far more effective sales process, increased sales, better long-term customer/client relationships, and increased job satisfaction for the sales professional. 

Deliver Great Customer Service

Session Date: September 25

Each time a current or potential customer has contact – in any form – with your organization, a “moment-of-truth” occurs. In this moment-of-truth, the customer has an impression, good or bad, about your organization. The impression may not be accurate; it may merely be the customer’s perception of your organization’s product, service, or information. However, this perception – even if based on a very brief encounter – determines whether the customer maintains contact with your organization.

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Live Session- $450 (Leadership), $350 (Customer Service)


  • Live Session
  • Pre-Class Activities and eLearning will begin approximately 2 weeks prior to live class session.
  • Cost of session includes all materials including lunch and breaks on day of live session.
  • Weekly application and reinforcement activities will be sent for 6 week after completion of live session.

Group Coaching Option-


Available for both sessions

  • 5 forty-five minute group conference call coaching sessions following completion of the workshop training to improve application of learning to each participant’s work situation.

  • Participants will be responsible to complete an assignment and apply each coaching session lesson, reporting back to the group what they learned from their experience.

Payment Terms:

Company Check or Credit Card to be paid upon registration of course session. intRAtrain will contact Payment Contact to Complete.

Looking to register more than 12? Call 507-665-6266 for discounts or to schedule your private class session!

Virtual Instructor: $375 (Leadership), $275 (Customer Service)


  • Virtual Instructor
  • Pre-Class Activities and eLearning will begin approximately 2 weeks prior to live class session.
  • Cost of session includes all materials required for class.
  • Web-cam access availability is recommended and preferred for virtual class students.
  • Virtual class does require weekly pre- and post- session reinforcement and application activities.

Sessions for all classes last abut 6 weeks.

Sessions starting in August!

Additional Details:

Session Facilitator ARTL and DGCS: Jonathan Shaver

Jonathan has been a senior consultant at Russell Associates since 2014 and will again be the facilitator for this program. Jonathan strives to develop and support leaders like you embrace the values, skills and behaviors that will make them successful people managers. With coaching and with training programs, Jonathan helps leaders to increase awareness of their competencies and beliefs as well as to understand and change what is preventing them from reaching their goals. 

Session Sponsor: intRAtrain by Russell Associates

intRAtrain and inspectiTRAC by Russell Associates has been providing results-oriented solutions to businesses in the agriculture, food and manufacturing industries for over 35 years. Our intRAtrain products, services and expertise are used as solutions for increasing employee and leader productivity and performance, and for reducing safety & compliance risk using highly effective interactive training and testing programs, coaching, with documentation and reporting.

What Others Have Said About intRAtrain Blended Learning?


"Got a great deal out of the workshop. Would highly recommend to others.”


“Worthwhile, good learning tools that can be taken to heart” 


“More people need this training.” 


“It will help you develop yourself as a better leader.”

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